A #BAPE x #Wilson Tennis 🎾 Collaboration Is Coming Soon

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Bape refocuses on sports…

The urban brand made their sporting debut with the first NFL cleats collaboration during last season along with a number of Adidas customs in previous collaborations as well as their first official NBA sneaker launch. The Bape brand is venturing deeper into the untapped cultures like Tennis where NIKE reign supreme but often neglected by urbanites. The die hard Tennis brand debut their Wilson ‘camo’ racquets last week (Ultra, Burn, Blade, Pro Staff) along with previous news of their upcoming release with Bape and their unique camo print in limited edition off course.  Wilson being a pioneer for the tennis sport & culture since being renamed in 1931 have focused their efforts on preserving the sport while it dominates one on one matches.

Using the platform with Bape to reach a new and young consumer base, details concerning the specifics of the collaboration are currently being prepped at the Bathing Ape flagship store in NYC, where there are plenty of possibilities that the partnership could produce.  A wide variety of goods from the collaborative effort like polo jerseys and shorts, socks, sweat bands, tennis balls and racquets adorned with their globally known print can/will make its way for a limited time on shelves.

Wilson is using the driving marketing to upgrade with the changing times of branding and released it’s first batch of camo rackets to their consumers as Tennis Warehouse gets first dips on reporting the visual upgrades from just wooden to solid color gear.



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