@HDBeenDope Set The Record Straight On His Latest 🎧 Release

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For The Record, HD Been Dope!

We’re so use to the antics from rap new comers that we almost forget that ‘bars still matter’ and thats something the teenager, HD is definitely focused on. Three music projects deep, the Brooklyn native kicks open his latest music visual release in what I call ‘trench coat’ flows, over a simplified trap beat that plays to benefit HD by allowing his vocal and lyrical abilities to grab the attention of his listeners without distraction. The release of the visuals ‘For The Record” comes as a hint to a possible musical compilation that allows HD to flex his 2018/19 updated self.  The unannounced project will eventually be a follow up to his 2017 project titled ‘PHeace Be The Journey’.

HD dropped the single just after the summer holidays in preparation for a fall look, I dont know but HD wussup let’s talk soon, we need new music!

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