@LilBaby4pf Makes Official Appearance W/ @Gabe_Tirado In 💰 ‘Cash Rules’ Music Video

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C.R.E.A.M get the money…

T he 24-year old has created a brand through previous music video releases of mansions, Caribbean islands and sporty cars, the release of the ‘Cash Rules’ music video featuring the image and a verse from QC latest artist, Lil Baby is evidence enough that the Florida native has leveled up in the music industry. Making an official release of the music video over the weekend bring ‘Wu Tang’isk feeling to the rising star who makes bold claims of wanting it all.

According to Billboard and other sources the music artist formerly known as 2 Gudda, Gabriel Tirado is currently busy preppin another lay up with the release of his debut EP Progress Report. The original release of the single was made back n September on Soundcloud only to be met in October with glowing lights and foggy visuals. In the meantime, check out the “Cash Rules” video below.

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