New BBC Mini-Doc Explores Recent Erratic Behavior Of Kanye West

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I n a new mini BBC 3 documentary entitled ‘Searching For Kanye West’ Benjamin “Ben” Zand, an Iranian-British journalist and filmmaker for the BBC , and clearly a fan at heart, of the iconic celebrity, travels around America to interview those people and childhood friends whom surrounded Kanye West their honest opinions on how they feel he’s currently doing with regards to the years controversies with politics and twitter rants that have taken the main stage in the Ye’s saga. West is clearly outspoken about peer pressures in his life he has decided to put on a public platform for his fans and those alike to observe and many who have contributed their say through the various media outlets.

During his travels across the US, Ben Zand has intimate conversations with Kanye’s childhood friends in Chicago, his political allies in Washington, his soul-singing cousin in Texas, and his legendary manager in the Hollywood Hills. (Youtube)

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The documentary is available to stream below:

I think it’s important to highlight that while many of us have an existing love/hate relationship about the inconsistency of Kanye West’s character, many of us will still agree that the Ye is still undeniable talented both within music and fashion designs which I think could use some positive public relations aside from his profitable business venture in the entertainment and fashion industries.


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