#NipseyHussle Did The Math On Streaming Services 💵 Pay Out. #VictoryLap OTW

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Credit to Jimmy Fontaine

Victory Lap…

While it was being talked about among industry peers’ Nipsey has never been the one to bite his tongue, so why not just put the news out there. Nip, better known for The Marathon series, brought consecutive  and quality musical works to the forefront to his fans and after his contract release from Epic records back in 2010, the music entrepreneur has always known what he wanted hence moving forward with his career. Over the years Nip has been able to tally up certain streams and releases, and, as an indie artist he has had the advantage of talking openly about the music industry with his peers and fans.

Last night Nip released some numbers about targeting the music streaming service and pointing out that while it is widely known that Jay’s, Tidal music streaming company is a competing business in the tech field it has also the least amount of subscribers but pays and supports its artist the most among the top streamers on the globe. Nip pointed out that among the services like Youtube, iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and Tidal, that Tidal 1M streams add up to much more than previous streaming services has provided artist, and the fact that Youtube streaming service added up to $690 per every million streams is reflected hugely in the pay out of those funds towards artist. He end the tweet that is no longer available asking fans to support the Tidal service where the pay out is better for the artist who are signing up.

Nipsey has recently partnered with Atlantic on the pending release of Victory Lap musical project, Tidal X on a live experience and tech company called Vezt, mainly known for being a blockchain-based platform that lets music fans share ownership with artists in their favorite songs.

You can also stream Nipsey Hussle’s entire catalog on Tidal

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