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Nip calling out some hot heads…

Nipsey Hussle is no stranger to G checking coonery, and possibly one of the realest in the culture who has yet to drop the ball music releases or on his stand on social issues, so during the interview with ‘Hidden Colors” documentary producer and radio host Tariq Nasheed, Nip did not hold back on speaking on the, Complex media outlet and their employee DJ Akademiks widely known for using the mistreatments of cultural artist for profit.  In the recent interview, the West Coast lyricist shared his opinion about the treatment of those artist like 21 savage particularly, and thoughts coming from the media outlet and their ‘podcast host’.

“They said recently that 21 Savage said that he stopped buying jewelry and he gonna spend his money on investing. You know, that’s a powerful message,” Nip said. He disagreed strongly with Akademiks after that. “Akademiks criticized him and said, ‘I don’t want to hear nothin’ but killin’ and I’m about to kill the opps.’ and he like ‘I don’t want to hear that from 21 Savage.’ That shit right there get you fucked up. And we supposed to fuck n*ggas up for that. Period. It ain’t supposed to be understanding. We supposed to catch you at ComplexCon or where ever you at and we supposed to spank you for that. And you supposed to learn ‘I was wrong.'”

Nipsey put the ownership on such irresponsible messages on the media platform, Complex media who incites critics and troll behavior for their business profits as web traffic increases from false and other behaviors that endangers artist who often are on the road for tours and business.

“You got companies that add gas to them sparks for their own interest and then they sell advertising space and I don’t like that shit. I’m clear on what that motto is,” Nipsey said, “You playin’ wit n*ggas. You coonin, like you said. You taking something that’s serious and that people doin’ with integrity and you spinnin’ it for some fuck shit and I don’t agree with that.”

You can watch the entire interview from Nipsey Hussle and Tariq Nasheed plus a feature from Laura London in the video below… You can find the convo on Complex at the 33-min mark in the video and Victory Lap in stores now.

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