Rap Battle #BodiedMovie Hit Theatre’s November 2018 + 7 Other 🎬 Picks

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overload & green book releases also..

T is the season to be anticipating a whine down of all things planned to hit big screen. With the release of the Disney+ streaming network that has been reported to debut a Disney only movies & various video content, I believe the streaming service application will add music along with music video debuts to their plan and potential user base if they want to rule the internet. That means pulling video content from the Youtube platform. But as the season gears up for a thanksgiving release and holiday season debut the big bucks, epic releases are in promo mode as you read this.

There are some changes coming to movie releases and as time progress we have seen a number of ways in which releases vary. As Netflix video streaming service puts up their annual big budget for original content on their platform catering to over 137 million streaming subscribers worldwide, creating and licensing content for. Netflix unlike the traditional movie theatre is getting very known for their original movie and series content coming in either of two forms. Urban content continue to rise as algorithms support the demand of black and international video streaming content while the traditional movie release isn’t yet dead.  To kick of the season animation and comedy takes a front row but there is always the experience of SciFi and action flicks we just can’t seem to get enough off.

Check out 7-releases hand picked below…

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