#Rihanna Highlights Auto Investment W/ #Rivian 🔌 Electric Motors

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Rihanna invest in BF

B e it the relationship goes good or bad, Rihanna wets her beak (as they say) in a unique investment. Rivian motors, a startup motor company, who happened to have a major invest from Riri’s BF, announced the R1T pickup truck, and the R1S SUV a five passengers, designed from the ground up. The pick up was accompanied by a $69k and the SUV is stating at $79K for its added features. 400+ mile range, and 11k-lb towing capacity. Why is the truck a unique investment? Because the it’s the only U.S. based company to equip a pickup truck with a four electric motors, each one having a power capacity of 147 kW, as well as 3,500 Nm of grounded torque per wheel.

Three battery pack variants will be offered for the vehicle — a 180 kWh battery that is expected to give 400+ miles of range per charge, a 135 kWh option that gives 300+ miles of range per charge, and a 105 kWh variant, which will give about 230+ miles of range per charge. Rivian plans to start manufacturing the R1T’s higher-end options first, followed by the entry-level version, which starts at $69,000 within 12 months from the start of production. Production for the R1T is expected to begin in 2020.


Last week the truck was slated to be released in front of an anticipated crowd in LA and while Hassan Jameel had the original investment, Rihanna added a bonus by accompanying her image along with the investment.

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