#Soundcloud Shares Entire Catalog With DJ’s In New 🔁 Software Update. My Predictions

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Music streaming innovate to increase revenue

Last week the SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor announced at Amsterdam Dance Event that the music streaming software will soon allow DJs to mix and perform by streaming content / material from SoundCloud’s (some over 200 million songs) catalog within DJ softwares. The traditional way currently has DJs performing using digitally downloaded music, to their playlist which happens ahead of time and mix from that set from a library of songs that already exist. In an effort to connect more dj’s with more content the music streaming company who were once on the verge of shutting down has been heading innovation forcibly by partnering with several companies that offer software used by DJs to perform, including Native Instruments (Traktor), Serato, Virtual DJ, DEX 3, Mixvibes, and DJuced / Hercules.

The move will enable Soundcloud through the partnership with Traktor and Serato to connect with DJs globally and will connect time to live streaming and mix SoundCloud’s massive music catalog in real time within these programs. This partnerships means three things for the company and another for artist and another with DJ’s.

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Artist – will be able to upload and share music content which will in turn enable them to get their content to performing club & radio DJs in return allow them to create music revenue quicker and create larger fanbase.

DJ’s – no longer would need to utilize the underground ‘record pools’ if big artist release new content on the music streaming software which will allow DJ’s to ‘break’ or introduce these song at a quicker rate instead of waiting for music to be downloaded into programs.

Company – Soundcloud will create the opportunity to enable more streams and therefore be able to monetize content for artist and the company and almost double the rate if DJ’s perform as expected.

While this was enabled through 3rd and 4th party plugins the update will come directly through the biggest DJ mixing software, on a global level. All you need is your Go+* premium content subscription (that now gives you access to high quality audio streaming) and one of the below DJ applications:

  • Native Instruments
  • Serato
  • Virtual DJ
  • DEX3
  • Mixvibes
  • DJuced/Hercules

Integrations will begin rolling out over the next few months.


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