Branded Apple Watch Watch Band





FIRST TO MAKE OUR MARK on the breathable nylon sport band made for the Apple Watch. Branded with our signature quote ‘support your local trap’ and our logo in white print. This branded apple watch is specially printed in our signature quote ‘Support Your Local Trap’ and our logo is in white print. Our branded watch band is available in white on black in two sizes for any of the black, silver, gold, and rose gold Apple Watches.


  • Compatible with all Apple Watch models / Nike Edition: Series 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, & 1
  • Made of washable & breathable woven nylon
  • 38mm/40mm wrist size: 155mm – 220mm
  • 42mm/44mm wrist size: 170mm – 240mm
  • Tested before shipped


  • FREE Shipping USPS Priority Mail / USA only


  • 1 x Nylon Loop Band ( Apple Watch not included)


Woven nylon straps date to the early 1970s when the British Ministry of Defense began making them for soldiers. (The term “NATO strap” is a misnomer: the bands are more accurately called G10 straps, nicknamed for the G1098 form soldiers had to fill out to get one.)

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