@AJNAca Adds ‘Just A Man’ To His Release Of Hittas

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Ajna is a rising artist from LA, releasing his third buzz record titled ‘Just A Man’. 

Nothing short from being a sharp shooter, poised with energy and consistency to be one of L.A.’s next up. His prior releases have become but forewords to what he has projected to become. Yes, ‘Protect Me’ and ‘Ain’t Have It’ are both powerful and unique records, but as they are currently standing in the shadows of his latest release title ‘Just A Man.’ Anja asserts himself over an introspection of someone destined to be great. He demands respect as he celebrates the accumulation of life scares and related issues over the soulful sounds, samples in the background of the beat. 

While ‘I’m Just A Man’ is the first single from Ajna’s upcoming album Lifelines, you can find Ajna’s projects dating back to 2020. The 8-track Stori compilation release allows us to discover him in his early beginnings.

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