@dysonalexander Rediscovers The ‘Mona Lisa’ In His Latest Release

Dyson Alexander
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After a week of much anticipation, Dyson Alexander unleashes a new music single alongside the music video release titled Mona Lisa.


Dyson Alexander is a young hitmaker from the DMV with the ability to showcase his talent consistently since his 2019 EP titled Omerta. His flow, wordplay, and overall energy are reasons he belongs in the limelight. Much like the Mona Lisa herself, Dyson maintains a pensive expression with visual hints of amusement and near laughter overcome by his favorite bars. Directed by Tru Story, the music video is a simplistic vision putting Dyson at the forefront. 

As rumor has it, he’s working on his debut album and expecting to release music with producers from Go Grizzly, Aaron Reid, StaccDaGreatest (Migos Culture album series). Dyson Alexander will also add his name alongside some notable features from Ade and Black Fortune on the forthcoming compilation project.


Image courtesy of Dyson Alexander
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