@FlossMobChase Brings His ‘Hot Boa’ Video Shoot Through The Drought

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‘Hot Boa’ FlossMobChase brought his single to the desert where things heated up in the music video shoot, shot by ChaseTheMoney.  

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Not sure how I missed this a week ago, but the braggadocious rapper flexed his bars under the desert sun.  Titled appropriately Flossmobchase stumbles out of the G-Wagon and into the spotlight where he finds a heater.  ‘Hot Boa’ pronounced ‘Hot Boy’ flows exactly as needed to compliment the drum and bass of the ChaseTheMoney produced beat.  His cadence falls directly in the pocket when and where it is needed.  Just enough for his tone to stand out as a competitive starter to the industry.  

While ‘Hot Boa’ is a previous release, the single will find itself as a part of the highly anticipated EP, titled ‘Fortune.’   This will make it his third single for the year including ‘The Plan’ and ‘Upgrade.’  The EP which is also a 2020 release I suggest a summer/fall release of this year.  For the fact that music releases within the industry have moved up by many artists.  I also believe once a Flossmobchase fan always a Flossmobchase fan.  


Available on all streaming platforms hit the link below, while the ‘Hot Boa’ visuals is up top by way of Nicholas Blancett.  I expect to see the effort of Flossmobchase re-creating this vibe with the use of subtle changes.  Slow changes that when he evolves into the artist he wants his fans do not even realize it.  Great potential in his tone, and bars while ‘Hot Boa’ give him the perfect beat to display his versatility.  I hope his fans feel the same.  

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Image courtesy of ChaseTheMoney
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