General Motors Resurrects 3rd Generation All-Electric ‘Hummer EV’ Truck

Hummer EV
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Timeless and durable the ‘Hummer EV’ will make a teaser debut during the Superbowl as an all-new electric truck.

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Social media erupted today with the re-appearances of GM’s Hummer. In a startling discover the third generation of the model will star in its first all-electric ad.  In the commercial release, online GM touts the rugged truck to have 1,000 horsepower on offer and go from 0 to 60 miles. Apart from the Chevrolet Volt, and the Chevrolet Spark, EV GM has had its fair share of EV issues.

The release of the Hummer a decade after it retired the Hummer in 2010 is a bold move by the motor manufacture considering they haven’t issued EV’s since 2013. Hummer was killed off not too soon after the recession.  Since its appetite for gas became unbearable by vehicle owners. Apart from Tesla, and Ford supplying the basic truck prototypes for the market will soon have to compete with the boxy behemoth who once became a symbol for the pre-financial crisis excess.

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I wouldn’t want to guest the price tags on these all-electric. But, I would bet my money that all-electric is the primary future for all car owners.

Image courtesy of GM
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