#SeattleKraken Welcomes #Marshawn Lynch & #Macklemore With A WIN

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Former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch and Macklemore are now minority investors in the NHL’s team, Seattle Kraken.

Terms of the investment included Marshawn Lynch and Macklemore as minority investors. To celebrate the event, the Seattle Krakens (8th in Pacific Division) took the 4-2 win against the Ottawa Senators during Monday night’s game. Unfortunately, details of the deal have yet to be disclosed hence the report by ESPN. Forbes most recently valued the NHL team the Seattle Kraken at an estimated $875 million. 

“This is something I never would have imagined,” Lynch, who played seven of his 13 NFL seasons in Seattle, told CNBC in a statement. “I always dreamed of playing on a professional team but owning one is something special. As I look back on some of my accomplishments…I’m [going to] continue to count my blessings.”

The former Seahawk Running Back, is no stranger to ownership, as his biggest work has been within his community. He has focused on job creations programs, using his businesses as a base and sports based focuses for younger generations within the community in Oakland. 

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