#ASAPRocky Explains Complicated Relationship W/ #HBA Fashion Brand

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Why did ASAP dis HBA?

Kerwin Frost, is not only a personality but also has been a leading fashion celeb in the streetwear industry alongside names like Kanye West and HBA. For the past two to three months he has launched a Youtube series of interviews with people, fashion icons and friends of his about various ideas but also about fashion.

In his latest interview, ASAP known for his bravado and front man of the ASAP Mob (RIP Yams) revealed some inside stories and shared personal feelings about things in general that happened. He outlined his attack on Hood by Air, and what occurred in efforts after the release of his dis record ‘Multiple’  ASAP eventually voices his his attacks on Hood by Air were which was born out of frustration with label head Shayne Oliver‘s unfortunate unwillingness to give Rocky part ownership of the company as he believe he has been an inspiration to the brand.

Wearing a yellow kerchief and sipping tea, Rocky explains below with Kerwin have this indepth convo about inspiration right and wrongs as young influentials within the industry.

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Watch the entire interview below..

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Image courtesy of Kerwin Frost
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