Kerwin Frost ‘Superstuffed’ Superstar Sneakers Is Adidas Secret Weapon

Kerwin Frost
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The larger-than-life superstar sneakers come courtesy of Kerwin Frost, which is certainly due for an out-of-this-world release with Adidas.

Launching on August 26, the Adidas x Kerwin Frost ‘Superstuffed’ Superstar sneaker will be available on the Adidas Confirmed app limited to its first-week release. The birthed supersized Superstar sneaker is five times the size of the original model hence its name ‘Superstuffed.’ Kerwin Frost is the first designer to supersize a sneaker, well deserving of an iconic nod.

Mixed in with releases from Yeezy, Pharrell, Beyonce, and Prada, Kerwin Frost’s go big or go home design is a name worth mentioning among Adidas 2021 best collaborations. Frost’s Superstuffed Superstar sneakers maintaining their original silhouette. Apart from featuring its white leather upper, rubber shell-toe, gold foil accents, and black Three Stripes, the sneaker is bigger and better. Emphasis on bigger. The only difference is the proportions of details added to the sneaker.

Being five times their usual size, I think the Superstars should be five times as comfy.



Image courtesy of Adidas
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