Airpods Top The Back To School List For Online Learners

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There are a few forgotten issues we need to talk about when bringing in the new 2020/21 semester of an online learning.

There are a number of things going this month. States and cities are gearing up for their annual back to school event. This year it’s sort of different. While some cities are announcing back to school others are preparing their return of incoming students for life online.  But, a few things remain necessary for a successful year.  Skip the back to school sneakers and clothes this year it’s all about headphones, tablets, laptops, and mobile applications. This year Airpods are among other top wearables for online learning.

One of the most important pieces needed this year is the virtual addition of headphones. While many get by with mobile earbuds, there are more things needed for an undistracted online course.  

Bose, Beats by Dre, and Sony all incorporate descent listening for the average music fan but classes require more interacting. They require instructors and virtual classmates duscussions.  Some highly recommended headphones are  

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Some other recommend items would be a dry-eraser board, a calendar app for their mobile device, ‘My Study Life‘ is said to be one of the best for students that provide structure around the home and limit distractions.  

While I think studying from home is a great opportunity to prepare students for college and life away from home, it does take time for students to settle into a new schedule. 

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