Limewire Relaunches As A Collectable Marketplace For Music NFT

Limewire Music NFT
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Once known as the go-to for music and movie downloads, Limewire announces its relaunch as an NFT marketplace.

After shutting down in 2010, the online program promises a legit space more fitting to its celebratory status. Tech brothers and co-founders Paul and Julian Zehetmayr, a pair of entrepreneurs from Austria, plans to bring digital collectibles to the platform. According to the press release, the Limewire relaunch already promises NFTs from Dillon Francis, singer and actor Nicky Jam, Grammy-winning singer Brandy, A$AP Mob’s A$AP TyY, and British rapper Aitch.

It seems the platform is rebranding itself interestingly enough, as it maintains an identity in the music sphere by hosting original songs, visual artworks, backstage passes, and other in-person opportunities as part of its NFTs transformation. In an effort for NFTs dominance, the platform has already aligned strategies alongside Universal Music. The collaboration will increase its market presence and boost unique content contributed by music artists specifically. Furthermore, According to Limewire, the company wants to appeal to a broader range of consumers by removing the need for a crypto wallet. Collectors can pay for NFTs using any of its 20 cryptocurrencies accepted for purchases or U.S. dollars using a credit card.

In 2010, LimeWire lost a four-year battle against the American music industry. Since then it has remained a nostalgic relic of the past.

LIMEWIRE Takeaways:

  • Co-founders Paul and Julian Zehetmayr rebrand the platform
  • Bring digital collectibles to the platform using music NFTs
  • Collaboration with Universal Music content and music artist
  • Pay with 20 cryptocurrencies or credit cards in U.S. dollars
  • Hosting original songs, visual artworks, backstage passes, and other in-person opportunities
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