Netflix Confirms Streaming Expansion Into Mobile Gaming

netflix gaming
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Netflix reveals a new move towards gaming subscriptions and mobile games as the streaming company crosses $7.16 billion and 207.64 million accounts.

After months of rumors, the streaming platform has announced its focus targeting streaming addicts. With 207.64 million accounts to brag about, the Netflix gaming platform is a first since its 2007 launch. Now Netflix is taking another leap by offering video games for mobile users. Described as a multi-year expansion for the streaming platform at adding subscribers post-pandemic. Netflix has yet to bundle its streaming service into a mobile deal.

According to the streaming company, video games are an important new category. Netflix gaming has been years in the making building of previous efforts regarding interactivity. In 2018 the streaming service briefly experimented with the release of Black Mirror Bandersnatch. An interactive movie that simultaneously transitioned into a gaming feature displaying alternative endings.

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As expected, the new gaming features will be free of charge for existing customers. Netflix has grown from streaming movies to original content, to now Netflix gaming. My hunch is that Netflix gaming is going to move into original games. After a quick search, there is no official date for mobile games release to the platform.

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