Taraji Sets The Mood For Noby’s 13-Track ‘The Truest’ Compilation Project (@NobyMusic)

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Noby sets the bar high for himself with releases including ‘Taraji’, ‘I Tripped’ and ‘I Would’ as leaders, following ‘The Truest’ project.

The release of ‘The Truest’ some 2-weeks back came to my attention recently. After a few listens it is obvious that the young musician who would prefer the terms musician rather like rapper/singer, paves a path for himself in a space where Trap seems to be casting a shadow on.  While it is evident Trap music is a major influence of project, there is also a cast of r&b talent that has its moments throughout the 13-track release.

As mentioned above my preferred singles ‘Taraji’, ‘I Tripped’ and ‘I Would’ are hittas. The releases really come as three diverse records that clearly display the talent of Noby’s first project release. There is a lot more to come especially the visuals of ‘The truest’ project.


Image courtesy of Noby
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