.@easyRoRo Continues To Define ‘Happiness’ In Her Latest Release

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The soulful singer-songwriter RoRo releases a distinctive Caribbean ingrained pop-single titled Happiness.

RoRo – Happiness MP3

Of Bajan descent, Roro wears her musical influences proudly on her sleeves. Tatted up with images of Lauryn Hill, Etta James, Erykah Badu, and Nina Simone, Ro’s inspirational transcendence goes beyond her Caribbean engravings. Much like her musical hero, Ro pioneers a similar approach to the uptempo release of her latest single. She uses her ability to her advantage by blending Caribbean dialect with pop quotations throughout the single. Ro is capable of being an explosive artist given an opportunity.

Variations of RoRo’s lyrics and narratives contain a unique set of sonic combinations that will ultimately create a sound that will be uniquely hers. Her budding fan-base surely looks forward to following her journey as she discovers her evolution within herself and her message.

We’d love to see more personality and attention to her artwork releases. To see more check out her Instagram. Also available on platforms everywhere and we should be doing an interview given the opportunity to. 

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