The Opera House Revives ’90 Bpm’ Visuals For @SeanLeon Release

sean leon
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Embracing his creativity in the visual arts, Sean Leon re-imagines visuals for the ’90 BPM’ track originally released in 2018.  

[somryv url=”k9O–ydASwA” size=”full” align=”center”]

Written and directed by Sean Leon, the popular 2018 track re-emerges for the spotlight it deserves.  The 70’s funk-inspired song finds itself highlighted in a dance-hall attracted by strobe lights.  In the middle of it all stars the popular Toronto drag queen Miss Fiercalicious.  Miss Liercalicious has earned a spot as a regular performer and the resident Selfie Queen.  In collaboration with PUPIL, along with the support from the MVP Project, the black and white music video fills the Opera House.  The scene evidently creates a carefree escape with a mesmerizing glow from all angles.  

Sean Leon, born Matthew Sean Leon is a Toronto native who inspired ‘Sean Leon’ (The Death Of). The 12-track project included the already released ’90 BPM.’  

Image courtesy of Sean Leon
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