Apple Music Ft. #MeganTheStallion In The Next Come Up Series

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Megan Thee Stallion has proven not only is she comfortable in her own skin but she can also rap her a** off capturing the attention of a well known fanbase enough for her to get her a spot on various front covers.  Setting her own trends between rhymes and style Megan both on and off the stage is Hip-Hop’s newest sensation. Now, the 24-year-old Houston native is bring that heat to Apple Music.

One of the most interesting parts about an artist, is their raise to fame. What they were doing when they caught the eyes off an influential personality while demanding and learning about their own voice. In the mini-series brought to you by Apple music, explores that back ground story with Megan.

Megan sat down with Nadeska on Beats 1 and discussed her rise to fame, her love for her hometown, and how her childhood crush helped kickstart her career. “I couldn’t look weak in front of the boy I thought was cute,” she said.

UpNext Radio highlights the musician story and their raise to stardom.

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