B. Aull ‘Change Up’ Single Is @AullThat First Release Since Moving To Brooklyn

B. Aull 'Change Up' music single
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B. Aull “Change Up’ single find clarity through his soul-searching mission in the streets of Bushwick, Brooklyn to find his true self.

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Formerly from Maine, Aull released his stand out single, currently gaining notoriety off the releasing of the music video for the B. Aull ‘Change Up’ single, produced by Marc Mathias available on all streaming platforms. B. Aull ‘Change Up’ single was written from the point-of-view of B. Aull’s awareness that he’s been lacking hustle.  All while knowing his ambition to become larger than life. B. Aull delves into his struggles with self-doubt which is a result of what he calls laziness, while some say his inaction has led to just being overwhelmed.  The song offers no excuses but releases his faith in his talent.

Backed by the brilliant alluring production by Washington D.C. based producer Marc Mathias, the rapper blends heartfelt lyrics with engaging wordplay and a smooth flow. On the moment of release of B. Aull ‘Change Up’ single, Aull tweets

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“If you’ve been telling yourself “it’s time to get my ass in gear” this one’s for you. I know I have been. I struggle with doubt & subsequent laziness all the time. This is a letter to myself.”


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