#Spotify Introduces #SpotifyLite Limited To #Android Devices

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Android  4.3 or newer…

The Spotify app is designed to work much like the Twitter Lite app. The app is downgraded from all of its technical features and left with the barebones on which enables the streaming via patchy or weak internet connections. At just 10MB the app is small enough to cater to older phones and lower-end devices that have limited storage across the globe (specifically in 36 countries globally) as target demographic in low income undeveloped countries.

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Spotify Lite is limited to only Android devices running version 4.3 or newer, and it is open to both paying and non-paying users as the typical app is designed to be used. The app while comes with less features (Spotify claims that 90% of the features of the main app are available in Lite) than the original release comes with an optional data limit feature, once enabled that can tell you when you are close to hitting that buffer limit of choice.

Considering that streaming news and other resources have used Twitter Lite to develop their own communities in over 21 countries serving low data users and many poverty ridden countries, Spotify has been testing their beta release in similar demographics as target users to increase their share sizes and continuous hold on music streaming platforms.

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While India is likely to be a key focus amongst other south eastern countries, the overall goal here is to expand Spotify’s reach beyond the current user base by focusing on emerging markets or older users. The company currently claims 217 million users, of which 100 million are paying customers.

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