Facebook Plan’s To Compete With Clubhouse And Podcast Mobile Apps

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Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

The social media platform, Facebook is looking to take on Clubhouse and Podcasting apps with this feature later this year.

Facebook is going all-in with the release of their latest audio feature geared towards competition. The company announced multiple products on Monday but one that emphasizes the creation of audio content. Much like Clubhouse, Facebook aims to allow its users to be able to record their conversations and distribute them.

Creators will be able to charge for access to their rooms through either a subscription or a one-time fee. To ignite clubs, FB will be introducing an Audio Creator Fund that will support audio creators and their content. Eventually content will be able to be reduced to ‘soundbites for viral opportunities. These room conversations will at some point lead us right back to podcast hosting on the app.

Unfortunately for many FB is made up of various spinoffs from various apps. Integrated with features influenced, borrowed, or just outright bought to create what we have today on FB. Innovation is slow and practically nonexistent. But, we depend on the app as part of our daily addiction.




Image courtesy of clubhouse
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