Here’s A 2020 Recap About The Social Media & Entertainment Industry

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In 2020 there were a few events that came through for those of us in lockdown. Some, unfortunately, were dead on arrival.

Pop culture and stans have yet to connect with reality, and social media continue to cancel problematic entertainers. All credited to the historic pandemic threat that moved us uncomfortably forward into 2021. Amid our entertainment celebration, we should also keep in mind the families and friends who have lost loved ones due to the pandemic. Mental Health Advocacy messages became more relevant during this time among online subscribers and those willing to share a word of support despite their follower count. 

Also in my mentions is Verzuz TV, for their successful streaming formula that gave music artists their flowers. The free-streaming format remained true to its core, delivering the industry’s most talented personalities and icons. Podcaster Joe Budden for keeping us entertained with views and reality check-ins in and around the Hip-Hop community. Alongside the various brands that led charitable events to help those on the frontline and those who needed food delivery and health care attention. 

Here are a few social media listings that made my highlight and some that did not. I have also compiled a hit-list of upcoming events in movies and music in another post. 

The Good, The Bad, and The Maybe After The JUMP!

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