As The Pandemic Persist, The NBA Schedule Reveals There Will Be No All-Star Weekend

NBA All-Star Weekend
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Despite the pandemic, the NBA is willing to go ahead with the opening ceremony but will skip All-Star Weekend.

The 2020-21 season is beginning as expected inside of the NBA Bubble. Not without mentioning that the tentative dates seem to have glossed over the All-Star Weekend. It looks like the opening night for the NBA Bubble will begin just in time for the holidays. The NBA will proceed as scheduled with the exceptions of All-Star Weekend. A tentative schedule was tweeted out on Sunday by the NBA insider, Woj. Woj tweeted out a working list of eight major upcoming events in the NBA 2020-21 season. Not without fans noticing the failure to mention All-Star Weekend. 

Aside from cutting the season from a scheduled 82 games, to 72 games, the option of a play-in tournament will also be possible if approved by the Board of Governors.

What is the NBA ‘play-in-tournament’?

Essentially the play-in tournament allows the No. 9 seed the opportunity to overtake the No. 8 seed in a two-game series provided they were able to finish within four games of them in the regular-season standings. (slam online)

Adrian Wojnarowski

Tentative schedule 

  • December 22: Opening night. 
  • All-Star Break (minus an ASG): March 5-10 
  • May 16: Regular season ends 
  • May 17-to-21: Play-in tournament for 7-to-10 seeds. 
  • May 22: First-round playoffs 
  • June 7: Conference semifinals 
  • June 22: Conference Finals 
  • July 8-22: NBA Finals

Aside from the current break, many players are making news for opting out of their current contracts for trade-in deals. Harden, Russ, and Kyrie have all made headlines for possible trades.

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