Lebron James Celebrate His First NBA Bubble ‘Protest’ Conference Win W/ The L.A. Lakers’

Lebron James
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Under the immense pressure by the NBA’s ‘Bubble, L.A. hosts a Western Conference win for the L.A. Lakers and Lebron James.  

It’s been a while since the Lakers won an NBA chip. 2010 to be exact while Kobe was in his prime condition. Citing a mobility decline in 2013, Kobe later retired in 2016. Fast forward 2020, Lebron James reclaims the Lakers’ as western conference champions. On September 26th, the Lakers’ won the Western Conference finals against the Nuggets. For the first time in their 10-year history under the leadership of a 4-1 lead with LeBron James at the helm. While no fans were in physical attendance the Lakers’ celebrated their win. 
The image captured by BR shares Lebron taking a physical moment to re-focus. An image that can also reflect an action that would later demand a resolution to some as it entails the essence of a live protest.  
Lebron James will have to later define his actions. An action that seems so much more like protest rather than an opportunity to re-focus or living in the moment as an NBA star.  Well-known for his activism on and off social platforms, Bron remains a pro-athete using his awareness of surrounding civil and human rights in America.  
Los Angeles Lakers earned a 117-107 win against Denver Nuggets in Game 5. As a result, LeBron James will be head to his 10th NBA Finals appearance, and the Lakers to their first in 10-years. This will also be the Lakers` 32nd NBA Finals, most in the history of the NBA. 
The NBA league will be preparing for another ‘bubble’ live event of the Finals as early as September 30th. The NBA Finals will be featuring the L.A. Lakers and the Eastern Conference winners. Currently competing between the Miami Heats and the Boston Celtics. 
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