Drake & Lebron James Facing Lawsuit Over “BLACK ICE” Documentary

Black Ice
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Black Ice is a documentary about a black hockey league led by media companies owned by Lebron James and Drake.

The former National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) director, Billy Hunter, alleges the celebrities as defendants behind his legal claims. Hunter is suing the media companies owned by the mega-stars for $10 million. He alleges that DreamCrew and Uninterrupted media companies left him out of a deal with the authors of Black Ice. Hunter maintains that he holds the legal rights to produce any film about the Colored Hockey League that existed from 1895 through the 1930s. The book authors George and Darril Fosty are also identified as defendants in the lawsuit by Hunter. He maintains paying the Fosty brothers $250K for exclusive worldwide rights to their Black Ice story.

Hunter’s attorney, Larry Hutcher, per the suit said,
“A documentary is still a ‘motion picture’ and an ‘audiovisual adaptation’ and any claim to the contrary is absurd and made in bad faith,”

Black Ice

The Lost History of the Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes, 1895 to 1925, and its contents are in question as to if (DreamCrew and Uninterrupted) did a deal to circumvent Hunter or others. The documentary highlights contributions Black Canadians made to hockey. Furthermore dives into the anti-Black racism that came, and comes, along with being in the sport apart from the league.

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2021 Commentary by BNC host about the Black Ice 

The controversial  documentary is scheduled to premier on Saturday at TIFF network in Canada.

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