#OnlyFans Inspires Social Media ‘Pay-Per-View’ Feature After Mainstream vs Sex-Worker Debacle

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Twitter is the first among media services to add a pay-per-view service called Super-Follows to their list of growing features.

Thanks to the OnlyFans mainstream update, Twitter releases its subscription feature. The addition of Super Follows announced back in February finally has a view for those super account users. Twitter has begun inviting its content creator community to join Super Follows. It is very similar to the OnlyFans-like program for subscriber-only content.

An eligibility requirement of 10,000 followers and have tweeted at least 25 times in the past month will enable you the opportunity to monetize followers with hot takes and behind-the-scenes content. Non-followers and non-subscribers cannot see this content. Once content creators meet the expected criteria and get accepted, they will be able to charge fans a monthly subscription fee of $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99. These accounts will share a new tweet and choose whether it’s visible to everyone or just subscribers.

Twitter is looking to incentivize the free app and expand its market share into subscription services. The move comes after the debacle with OnlyFans move to mainstream usage, and its years of running under a stereotyped sex worker trade. This re-branding of Twitter can and will allow a more fluid application aside from the horrors of the failed periscope crossover.

Other apps like Facebook have yet to publicly persue the the subscription based model on either of its most popular mobile apps. As I have once stated before, that Instagram should of been a first of its kind to have added a PPV feature via its IG Live feature services. The failure to move as quickly as Twitter keeps them in the pre-recorded business. And yet, Twitter still fails to add the most requested edit feature to the application. 

Image courtesy of Twitter
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