So Twitter Decided To Rollout #SC Lookalike Feature ‘Fleets’ Rather Than Add An ‘Edit’ Button

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‘Fleet’ is a 24-hour image and texting feature by Twitter in their latest App Store rollout.

Thanks to Snapchat, the top four social media platforms now consists of a disappearing feature. The feature initially allowed people who wished to keep their photos and communications temporary to continue sharing. In one way or the other, the 24-hour image and texting option is becoming a common goal. On Tuesday, Twitter introduced its initial rollout of the feature in an update that caused users to compare the new option to other social media platforms including MySpace. According to NYT ‘Fleets,’ the disappearing feature by Twitter will roll out to iOS and Android devices globally over the coming days.

Many users have already taken to the temporary mode of sharing on these platforms. Twitter explains that the reason is a direct relation to the increased misinformation living on timelines. Many users are looking to minimize their digital footprints and communicate more intimately with their followers. The ‘Fleet’ feature by Twitter will allow users to post time-sensitive material on the app as they do with others.

There has been no response by Instagram or Snap about the release of Twitter’s ‘Fleet’ feature. 


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