Instagram Testing New #PhotoDump Features Via Your Desktop, Video Dumps Next!

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Photo dumps is not a new concept by any means, but the featured trend gets better, thanks to Instagram.

The Instagram term for publishing a cluster of unfiltered and raw photos is called Photo dumps. While they have nothing to do with each other and may have been piling up on your camera roll, these randos end up just taking up space. Many users gravitated to the trend because of the themed post stresses. From celebrities to influencers are capitalizing on it from the social media trend. Nonetheless, the #PhotoDump tag is here to stay, with half a million published photos to the hashtag.

After a review by Facebook, the Photo Dump feature will soon expand to desktop users. The plugin feature from the browser will allow users to publish images and videos ‘VideoDumps’ to their IG profiles. Shortly Facebook will be releasing a better user-friendly version, for social media users, in an attempt to become a household name synonymous with its parent company Facebook.

It seems to date that the photo dump trend isn’t going anywhere in most cases, and we’ll be seeing an increase in dumps as users begin traveling and seeking adventure all summer.

On a side note, Video Dumps are going to be the next best thing! 

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