Amazon Music Acquires The Monetization Podcasting Platform, #Art19

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Amazon Music will soon be sharing a new podcasting platform courtesy of their recent purchase of Art19.

The Amazon Music brand recently announced its latest purchase of Art19. It is a podcast hosting and monetization platform that allows users to “manage, distribute, analyze, and monetize their work.” According to, the company has 42 employees at a single location and is funded by a $7.5 M investment. Ideally, the format circles around the idea that creators should own and profit from their content. That was before Amazon Prime came along. 

In a short statement posted on its website, Amazon Music was thrilled and welcomed the integration of its budding podcast department. Meanwhile, Spotify is working with integrated technologies thanks to Gimlet, Parcast, and Megaphone. 

Art19 : We’re excited to announce we’re joining Amazon Music. Together, we look forward to empowering even more podcast creators with the solutions they need to engage listeners and monetize their work.


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