The #EchoDot With Clock Is The Devices Favorite Feature

Echo Dot with clock
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Amazon says it’s one of the most commonly asked questions to its Echo smart speakers, so they finally added a visual clock to the ‘Echo Dot with clock’.

The Echo Dot comes with an LED built-in clock that saves us a few seconds of time throughout the day. It’s a simple low-cost addition/feature to the already inexpensive device.  Amazon has had some trouble in the past over privacy but the feature adds to the wants, infact adding the LEDs embedded under Dot’s fabric-coated rim enables the display of the time all of the time should get more users to replace the common digital alarm clock at their bedside.

The LED feature is not only used for telling time, but Amazon has also included a visual temperature request. When asked, it will briefly show the current temperature in place of the time while Alexa’s voice provides a more detailed breakdown of the weather.   The updated device also is equipped with a timer.  A countdown clock, which is great because it reminds you that, no you didn’t forget to set the timer on the snooze button.

While the latest generation Echo Dot with Clock, adds an extra $10 to the device the $59.99 Echo Dot with clock remains a 360-degree omnidirectional speaker that serves its purpose around the home. The clock features itself incorporation with voice-activated features definitely improves what you do around the home be it working from home or just tracking time without being a serial alarm setter on your smartphone.

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