October 2017 Movie Streaming Guide Via #Netflix #Amazon #HBO

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Digital wave bringing some classic movies to your home screen…

The latest wave to movies are the home streaming apps that allow you to enjoy movies, new & older in the comfort of your home. One of the great things about this is that your monthly subscription allows to to catch up on things maybe you’ve missed or just wasn’t put up on. October while it’s a big movie release for October bringing Halloween & a few other holiday specials.

There also seems to be some variances to the streaming services while they all three major players seems to be catering to different demographics. Netflix most popular among younger demographic, Amazon a but older and a bit more middle America and well HBO for those who grow up with the famous media brand.

Listed 3 of the most popular movies for each platform for you to look out for and enjoy. The releases comes within the first week of October to platforms worldwide. Hit the job to see them all…

Netflix release after the JUMP..

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