Spotify Snags @MrChuckD Among Others For Its Signature Podcasts

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Is the OG podcast moving?

[mks_dropcap style=”rounded” size=”52″ bg_color=”#e5e5e5″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]A[/mks_dropcap] s the fight between royalties & content owners take conversation, music streaming companies are quickly expanding their resources into working with indie artist directly and now transforming the podcast industry. The podcast industry is a big business, not only by the numbers but also forcing Apple to work on and improving a ‘Podcast’ app with its sole purpose to deliver podcast. Spotify is following quickly, led by an article by a Morgan Stanley analysts, publishing notes on how Spotify can branch out of streaming music in various streaming revenues.

According to the note’s data, Spotify users listen to more hours of streaming music than their Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited counterparts.

This opens up the opportunity for a podcast led series by one of Hip-Hop most legendary and revolutionary iconic musicians, ‘Chuck D’ to sign on by request to lead the series into an 8 part as he explores ‘The Clash’.  In addition, the BBC will co-produce Stay Free in partnership with Spotify. Maybe Spotify will adopt the OG Podcast where Chuck D has done most of his podcasting leading the culture into a necessary space where he can pioneer conversations from his OG perspective.

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