‘Back To You’ EP @OliviajNelson Has Something For Everyone

‘Back To You’ EP @OliviajNelson Has Something For Everyone
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Based in East London, discovering the singer/songwriter really proves that you can create something for everyone. Not too long ago, Olivia Nelson released somewhat of a multi-genre 7-track EP, entitled, “Back to You”. A focal point of which the anticipated project shines a spotlight on the singer’s talent, solely from a her point-of-view. Six tracks prior to her remixed ‘No Answer’ track seven, features Olivia by her lonesome.

The emotional ‘Back To You’ project contains a storyline of the struggle that comes with the nature of attraction. The entire project can easily lure you in by Olivia’s soft yet sharp vocals and captures your attention no later than track three. The project impromptu arrangement also accompanies perfect acts of randomness. A balance between uptempo R&B and some what of a vintage feel which still maintain’s an updated sound that allows Olivia to capture her moment.

Nothing about the project is intrusive or obstructs the essence of uninterrupted vocals and storytelling.


Image courtesy of Olivia Nelson
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