‘Figures’ EP Is A Well Thought Out, Top Of The Year Drop From @LevyGrey

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5-Track ep

[mks_dropcap style=”rounded” size=”52″ bg_color=”#71eae1″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]T[/mks_dropcap] he young Harlem-nite, Levy Grey just released an airy 5-track ep titled ‘Figures’.  Often times it seems like the individual tracks themselves are compromised of patchwork very reminiscent with a Kanye West-like production, that perfectly plays into transitions, stitched together with melodies supplied by Levy himself.  Figures begins with a slow-tempo & spacey build up, finally leveling out by the third track.  Levy memorable and lengthy cadences, keeps it fresh and urges you to hit the repeat button.

Although Levy shares his first project spotlight with Cruch Calhoun and Beam, its safe to say get familiar with a solo Levy Grey as he prepares himself for a bigger platform. Very capable to hold a record by himself and as versatile to share the track with features check out his latest offering down below and make sure to check back on his 2018 ‘Shades’ EP which ultimately created the platform to set him apart from the now crowd.

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‘Figures’ streaming project below..

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