From The R&B ‘Par 7’ Project #AussieAus Releases Visuals For ‘Let Me Know’

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While ‘Par 7’ made its release back in February 2021, we’re still vibing to Aussie Aus’s ‘Let Me Know’ music video launch.


The California native embraces his eccentric nature through various creative talents. One of those simultaneously being a singer, songwriter for his debut project titled ‘Par 7.’ Release in February 2021, the R&B artist shows significant growth and comfortability in front of the camera. Though he has roots as far back as 2018 in music, the Pasadena fun-loving artist is budding into quite the entertainer.

Aussie’ fulfills the R&B experience with an approaching summer air, reminiscent of Amerie’s classic visuals. It might be just me, but Aus is missing the big dance sequence (LOL). Let’s get it.

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Check out the release of ‘Par 7’ for more by Aussie Aus below.

Image courtesy of aussie aus IG
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