.@IkeRhein23 Releases ‘Just Like You’ Over Some Extremely Catchy Acoustics

Ike Rhein
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With the release of Just Like You, Ike Rhein leaves his listeners wanting more over Acoustics & 808’s.

When you hear the 19-year-old Grand Rapids, Michigan native Ike Rhein’s release, you will be surprised. On Friday, from his home in Miami, FL, Ike released his single titled, Just Like You. Surprisingly, Ike delivers the single with such clarity and confidence it’s difficult not to play right into his trap. The budding artist is though no stranger to the music industry. While his presskit highlights his collaborations with various talents such as YN Jay and multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated Vinny DeLeon, his talent is demanding of the spotlight. 

Just Like You, Ike Rhein digs into the nitpicking aspect of a toxic relationship hence its name, but tricky nonetheless. It can be very enticing due to the use of the acoustic melody.

With a handful of singles under his name, Ike is looking to release more music more often. Might I add we look forward to more releases alongside ZBeatz, who led the release of his present single. Let me add my 2cents by saying dropping some 808’s on that acoustic would be a devious combination Ike. 

Just Like You is available on all platforms link below.. 

Image courtesy of Ike Rhein
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