Martin’s ‘Homeo & Juliet’ The Hip-Hop Romeo & Juliet, Got Picked Up By Netflix

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Following Season 4, Episode 21 of Martin’s ‘Homeo & Juliet’ created by Martin as a spinoff of the “Romeo + Juliet” playwrite by William Shakespeare’s quoted to have been written between 1591 and 1596 is about to get a hip-hop influenced spin, just for Netflix.  Originally aired on February 29th, 1996 with Martin stepping in for the lead actor of a local theatre production, due to an overdose of painkillers, Martin gives the classic piece a spin with his own ‘keepin it real’ rendition to the Shakespeare classic “Romeo and Juliet”.  Martin can be scene wearing the Jordan 11’s in black and white in the video below as he announces his major record turning Juliet played by Gina into his number one fan.

The inspired version for the streaming company will be produced by Will Smith, amongst others according to While not much is known about the production timeline of the rendition, the world’s most famous love story will follow the musical film inspired by the play. Set in the hustle of Brooklyn, New York (because where else could they have found another attractive backdrop). The love story will follow a waitress and an up-and-coming musician from a wealthy family who are kept apart by their families’ due to different social standings.

Netflix is under increased pressure to produce new & original content due to raising demand of personal consumption and the recent addition of a competitor, Disney Plus spear heading their own streaming service. Rumored to have been taking everything under the brand with them including The Office, Marvel, and Star Wars to name a few. While no timeline or cast has been given I’m sure Will Smith will give us a leak or two on one of his entertaining IG stories.

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Peep the episode of Martin’s ‘Homeo & Juliet” below…


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