#MoviePass App Delete… While Movie Streaming Subscriptions Boom!

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MoviePass app shuts down for good..

After a wild year of ups and downs, the movie app which promised a movie a day for a year, is coming to an end. The app which was suppose to revolutionize the way movie goers purchased their tickets went from a movie a day, to a movie a week and finally to an end after they couldn’t quite break through with profits.

Even though the company touted a subscription fanbase off over a million active users, is officially shutting down on September 14th after two years of operations. Moviepass ultimately notified its subscribers that it would be interrupting the MoviePass service for all its subscribers effective September 14, 2019, because its failed attempts to recapitalize on the business model.

All while, major movie and video streaming services hike up prices to compete with one another. Disney+ unveiled their emergence into the streaming industry, disrupting other services and encouraging a business model change. Disney promises to be more TV like and hold out on the binge watching while Netflix resumes their releases for Binge watchers. The Disney+ streaming service will debut on November 1st in over 100 countries. The service has a subscription fee of $4.99 USD per month, half the price of its prior rumored fee.

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Take a look at the current streaming services and their monthly fees per month.

  • HBO Now – $14.99
  • YouTube Premium – $12
  • Hulu – $11.99 (ad-supported option – $5.99)
  • CBS All Access – $9.99 (ad-supported option – $5.99)
  • WWE Network – $9.99
  • Amazon Prime – $8.99 (Prime Video option – $8.99)
  • Netflix – $8.99
  • Starz – $8.99
  • Crunchyroll – $7.99
  • Disney+ – $6.99 (ad-supported version of Hulu and ESPN+ bundle for $12.99)
  • Funimation – $5.99
  • Shudder – $5.99
  • Apple TV+ – $4.99
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