Reggae Award Winner ‘Koffee’ Tapped For ‘Repeat’ Single Ft. With @JHus

JHus Koffee
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For the past year, Jamaica’s newest reggae star, Koffee, has been tapped for the single ‘Repeat’ with the British singer, J-Hus.

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Unknowingly J-Hus featured the single ‘Repeat’ prior to the news that the reggae superstar ‘Koffee‘ took him the Grammy Award for her own single ‘Toast’. Now featured on the single with J-Hus from the compilation project ‘Big Conspiracy.’  A refreshing fusion from the typical release of Dancehall. The young and talented musicians, J Hus has also enlisted the likes of Burna Boy as two prospective features on the project released prior to the Grammys.

The 13-track project also features ice TGM, on 2 tracks on what would be his second album release.  Afrobeat, grime, dancehall, hip-hop, and R&B all seem to define and fused simultaneously by a cohesiveness that he is now credited as pioneering a whole new genre in the West.

The 13-track project is available below in full. The single featuring the newly Grammy award winner is featured above.

Image courtesy of J Hus
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