Koffee ‘W’ Adopts New Sound With Feature From Gunna

Koffee 'W'
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Adopting a new sound for the American market, the single features the ATL rapper Gunna for the Koffee ‘W’ music single next up.

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Spanishtown, Jamaica native Koffee shares a visual for the new sound and break out single.  The single titled “W” released on the heels of the ‘Toast’ which gathered some 88-million views on the Youtube page, utilizes all of the 558K subscribers to debut the new single towards.  The success of the international single ‘Toast’ is definitely a ‘W’ to the artist. And another to the culture of Reggae music. But release utilizes this ‘W’ and Koffee’s personal transformation as an artist on the uplifting track featuring Atlanta-born rapper Gunna.

While the sound of Koffee’s music has drastically found itself shifting from a once Caribbean influence to siding on an American ‘Trap/Pop’ version it makes me wonder where do Koffee’s priorities lie.  Known as a reggae artist Koffee is slowly blurring the lines between Hip-Hop and Reggae when there is obviously no need to do so.  Based on the prior success of ‘Toast‘ single and international tours headlining the artist.  Nonetheless in less than its 2-day release the ‘W’ single and music video already has 1.2 views on Youtube.

Is this a temporary pivot for the artist who once had a hit solo single or is this something Koffee is willing to keep up to be a part of the American mainstream music spotlight. I personal support Koffee but blurred the lines of selling out especially when we are aware of how prideful the Reggae culture is about its artworks.

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