Youtube Cracks Down On This Music Video Hack

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Ads don’t count..

At some point the music industry curators came up with a hack involving buying ad placements for music videos on Youtube which was intended to intentionally inflate counts as a ‘View’ towards the total view and therefore gathering millions of views and further creating online ‘breakthrough’ records.

Youtube will continues to call out the music industry curators for running music videos as advertisements in front of other YouTube videos as it has become a common practice within the industry since it can be counted as a view if it’s watched for a long enough amount of time, which is essentially, cheating the system.

Well Youtube is up on the jig and sees that an intentional act to rack up non-organic views. In an announcement by Youtube, they are reconsidering and creating a process in which ‘ad’ time placements of specifically ‘music videos’ will NOT affect the total view count of any music video or videos in general site wide.  So to be clear, YouTube is no longer counting “advertising views” towards calculating its music charts. Creating and instigating artist to create a more creative approach to getting ‘organic’ views. While I think there is nothing wrong with a hack, I do think that some artist were targeted because of their achievements in hacking the system. Badshah to be specific under the SONY Music India imprint.

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Youtube wants its creators and curators to focus on organic views even as the ad service still exist those ads would not count as a view towards the total count.

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