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Rubi Rose
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Between developing a career as a rap artist while earning a college degree, ‘Pretty MF’ is Rubi Rose releases her first single for the year.  

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Known for her introduction through the Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” music video, Rubi Rose is developing her own path.  As early as last year she found a new path with signing to HitCo.  Now the Rubi Rose alias as her fans knows her by will take a backseat to “Pretty MF.’  The song becomes her first solo release for the year.  But as early as December 2019 the single ‘Hit Yo Dance’ featured labelmates Yella Beezy and NLE Choppa.  There was also the ‘Big Mouth’ hitta that took the ‘Pretty MF‘ Rubi Rose through to complete the year on a high.  

The singles continue to leak out of the camp there has been no real word on what a developing project would look like.  She’s has a few releases last year and of this year yet none have received a remix or a re-work version.  Rubi Rose is a developing artist so we’re going to expect the best of her as she eventually will evolve into the artist she wants to be.  


The single is available on Spotify on April 24th while DJs will receive the early versions after the link.  The single will be accompanied by Dirty, Clean and Instrumental versions for DJ’s under the Inavator DJ Pool platform HERE.  

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