‘Yellow’ Became @SamOpoku_ Favorite Color When He Felt Blue

Sam Opoku
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The self-produced record ‘Yellow’ by Sam Opoku reflects exactly how one comforts themselves after the moment is over.  

“Yellow” has been even more synonymous with summer than music.  The summer sun, summer rays, etc.  Sam Opoku who also happens to be self-produced has been infected by a the love bug.  As part of the behind the tracks, Opoku explained that his choice for ‘Yellow’ was mostly because of the who and what the song represented.  Besides the color itself representing moods of joy and optimism.  Maybe it was intended for the track to be a mixed mellow emotions and built up memories.  

Choosing to be creative in most cases, one must learn how to verbally express ideas without considering the consequences.  This is something that Sam was able to achieve.  The vulnerability factor added to the song reminds us that ‘Yellow’ is still a vibe.  A representation of what’s been missing in his life. [wpdiscuz-feedback id=”62yje29jsv” question=”Give Sam a Shout Out!!” opened=”0″]Throughout the song, Sam keeps a calm cadence alive with expressions and formerly introduces our imagination to what ‘Yellow’ would look like if it were ‘her.'[/wpdiscuz-feedback]  


The song is available on all platforms though it would be an interesting visual release. If it were to happen.  


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