@SebastianMikael Sets A ‘Vibe’ (Music Video) With ‘C U U C ME’ Part 1 EP

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[mks_dropcap style=”rounded” size=”52″ bg_color=”#463524″ txt_color=”#fcfcfc”]I[/mks_dropcap] t’s been years since meeting the R&B singer/songwriter, somewhere back in 2013 when he first made an appearance.  Then a clean cut and a newly released single titled ‘Last Night’, the singer made his debut alongside the Wale assisted track via and still on the Slip-N-Slide imprint.  Fast forward 2019 it’s evident that Sebastian has transformed into his own person yet, remaining an underrated talent in the realm of R&B, dibbling around in various sonic styles and looks. Re-emerging with a signature sound and a unique look only he can pull off, dropped the soul music inspired record titled ‘Speechless’ in 2018 that quickly caught the likes of R&B collectives online.

Along with his previous singles the melodic signer drops a ‘Vibe’ to compliment his 2019 debut. New year new me mindset with an EP released ‘C U U C ME‘ Part 1. It becomes obvious early into the stream that free-flowing and authentic is who Sebastian does not pretend to be but embraces. Look out for new music, new visuals from the the R&B soul singer as he find delights with the new ‘Vibe’ being set.

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Watch ‘Vibe’ visual release below…

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Image courtesy of Sebastian Mikael - Vibe
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